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Welcome to the Encours.org project !

Real-time interactive presentations:

See the live demo!
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  • Directly in your web browser!
  • Shared slides visible by all.
  • Integrated audio system, with recording.
  • "Laser" pointers for lecturers.
  • Video replays of the presentation.
  • Chat interface with the audience.
  • Can be connected to a phone server.
  • Free/Libre software: Get, use, share and improve it!

Projects using encours (with presentation replays)

The Causality and Machine Learning group proposes regular teleconferences on these topics.

The Teleconferences on Complex Systems similarly deals with multi-disciplinary talks and applications.


14th December 09: Encours was selected as one of the finalist for the Étoiles du libre prize! I unfortunately could not attend the ceremony due to a strike in the trains. As this is a reason out of our control and since I made the effort to come nevertheless (though I arrived very late), the jury kindly decided to still give Encours the 3rd position. Thanks to them! Later in the night in a private code-camp I had the occasion to give a presentation which was quite appreciated. All in all, it was a very nice WE.

14th December 09: Version 0.9.1 is a minor release with compilation fixes and no new feature.

9th November 09: Version 0.9 is out, enjoy!

25th July 09: Encours.org can now connect to an Asterisk server, opening the audio up to the telephony world. To see this in action see the above projects. Combined with SIP broker access points, we can provide phone connections at a local rate in 25 countries. With a recent version of Java installed you can seemlessly interact with the conference directly from your web browser, using the Encours.org integrated audio system.

15th July 09: Encours.org attracted some attention at the 10th Libre Software Meeting, thanks to all attendees for their encouragements! The presentation slides are now available online.

8th July 09: Encours.org has been selected for a presentation at the 10th Libre Software Meeting, from the 7th to the 11th July 2009 in Nantes, France. Come and try the software in our workshops!

Usage (participant)

See the description section as well as the live demo.

Participants only need their web browser, they have nothing to install from Encours.org. If they wish to use the integrated audio system participants need to install a Java plugin in their web browser (Java version 7 or above is recommended).

Install (conference organiser)

Follow the instructions for downloading and installing the latest version (0.9.1) of Encours.org.

Source code

The source code of Encours.org is provided together with the latest version. More recent development code might be available in the Git repository. Get Encours, use it, share it and improve it according to the GNU Affero GPL public licence, v3 or more recent. Instructions for compiling and installing Encours from the source code are available in the README.txt file.


The author especially thanks the Dojo Toolkit and the Jetty web server projects for making available high quality AJAX / Reverve-AJAX techniques, that make bi-directional real-time communication over standard HTTP possible. Similarly the integraded audio system relies extensively on the high-quality Speex codec. Thanks to all participants involved in these projects.

Nicolas Brodu <nicolas@brodu.net>